Why are we in this situation?

We have asked ourselves this question on numerous occasions but there are no easy answers. Given the same set of circumstances we would have made the same decision even with the value of hindsight. We don’t always help ourselves either. It always seems too much to organise some time out with our charge and as for my mother, any happening is a big event that has to be carefully planned for and of course, dressed up for! This can involve getting up at the crack of dawn in order to be ready in time so any spontaneity is firmly out the window. She is remarkably physically fit for her age but is mentally quite different. Being deaf doesn’t help, nor does the blindness caused by ARMD and we frequently make up stories about people and situations that are often just plain wrong. Her main hobbies after retirement were crossword puzzles and reading now the former are almost impossible and reading involves a series of magnifiers and the largest type on her Kindle. This means reading a long sentence is difficult and my mother often loses the thread of the story ending up with a different result at the conclusion. It certainly makes books cheap as they can be read several times over!




Monday 17th July

Woke up to a beautiful sunny day determined to be more proactive and positive about this situation we are in. It must be possible to regain some of the interest, drive and energy I had three years ago.

Weighed in, (that’s another issue) it being a Monday to find I have lost a measly quarter of a pound, still it’s half a pack of butter. Big tick for positive thinking! Perhaps I need a chart to show positive progress. Managed five minutes on the bike and did feel marginally better, then sat down to think about meals for the day. That reminded me of the relentlessness of our regime and I felt a cloud come over. I love cooking but not the everyday mundane meals. Cottage pie, shepherds pie, plain roasts with veg do not inspire me and meals with gloopy sauces and gravies are abhorred by the other half. It’s just another part of everything we hadn’t understood nearly four years ago. Decision made, we will have a smoked salmon pate, toast for them and ryvita for me and a salad with cucumber, olives and the lovely fresh tomatoes from the greenhouse. Tonight will be fritters made with Cromer crab with a warm tomato and tarragon butter sauce, fresh peas and saute potatoes.

Smoked salmon pate lunch

Another Day

I wake up to wonder what this day will be but I guess it will just be like all the others. No, not a sign of depression just acceptance that things are what they are. It is a sadness that there seems to be little thanks or understanding from this person my husband and I look after. So much that was a sharp, clever and funny lady has gone to be replaced by someone interested mostly in themselves and only concerned about how they are perceived by others.

I am not someone who thinks like that but now realise that my mother has probably always been that way. Our visits to her over the years were short ones and although she would spend four weeks at a time staying with us, several times a year, we never saw this vanity.

But, a light on the horizon and this time the train is not hurtling towards us. A relative has said that my mother can spend a month with them in October and a friend has offered us the use of their coastal holiday home and we can take our dogs with us.

This will be a much needed break. We have both had the great fortune to be fit and well throughout our lives but 3 months ago my husband ended up in hospital and was very ill for some months. This is not something you consider happening when you decide to take on an elderly relative and it did create a huge amount of stress and emotional trauma for us both.

How it all began.

IMG_7133 (1).jpg

We had tried a trial run the winter before and it looked as if it would work well. My husband had always got on well with her. The reality has been different and we realise that although we did the right thing for her it may not have been the best thing for us. We are trapped in our own home with no personal space, no privacy and with a  99 year old who can be difficult and lacking in grace. She is not a bad person, just old and has reverted to being in some ways a teenager, in other words the centre of her own universe. I don’t want to become full of self pity or bile and decided to start this blog as a kind of diary to myself;  to try and find a way of coping with the frustrations of the situation we find ourselves in. Some days are ok and others can be awful. I am sure that there are many people out there who find themselves in a similar situation.

The Start

This is the post excerpt.

Seven years ago we made a decision that was to change our lives completely. We suggested to my then 96 year old mother that she comes to live with us. There were sound reasons behind our decision as she was not looking after herself very well and was looking very weak and wobbly. We also felt that her relationship with us was good and vice versa and we would make this work. We really had no idea what we were doing; what we were taking on or how it would affect us.