Monday 17th July

Woke up to a beautiful sunny day determined to be more proactive and positive about this situation we are in. It must be possible to regain some of the interest, drive and energy I had three years ago.

Weighed in, (that’s another issue) it being a Monday to find I have lost a measly quarter of a pound, still it’s half a pack of butter. Big tick for positive thinking! Perhaps I need a chart to show positive progress. Managed five minutes on the bike and did feel marginally better, then sat down to think about meals for the day. That reminded me of the relentlessness of our regime and I felt a cloud come over. I love cooking but not the everyday mundane meals. Cottage pie, shepherds pie, plain roasts with veg do not inspire me and meals with gloopy sauces and gravies are abhorred by the other half. It’s just another part of everything we hadn’t understood nearly four years ago. Decision made, we will have a smoked salmon pate, toast for them and ryvita for me and a salad with cucumber, olives and the lovely fresh tomatoes from the greenhouse. Tonight will be fritters made with Cromer crab with a warm tomato and tarragon butter sauce, fresh peas and saute potatoes.

Smoked salmon pate lunch

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