Oh dear.

IMG_0095.JPGIndeed it is really an ‘oh dear’ time in more ways than one. The AP is definitely old but not a dear unfortunately. The brain is disintegrating and her powers of understanding are on the decline but she refuses to accept any of this and yesterday was another fine example of her inability to get things right.

Our new boiler system had decided to pack up on us and being a Sunday there was not much we could do about it. The LSO and I looked in the boiler house and realised we had no idea where to start so we emailed the installer in the hope he could come over on Monday. We did appear to have cold water and just hoped that it wouldn’t stop and although it was windy, grey and a bit damp the weather was warm.

We patiently explained the situation to the AP over lunch, going over several times the need for just using the cold tap until we can get it all sorted out. We could still flush loos and wash hands. After lunch she asked me how everyone else in the area was going to manage in this situation. I pointed out that it was our system that had stopped working and that it would not affect anyone but us. After a pause I was asked ‘well don’t we share a septic tank?’. I explained that we didn’t have a septic tank and it was the water system that had stopped working. I was ignored and she then went on to tell me that my cousin in Cornwall shared a septic tank with three other houses. I asked what a septic tank had to do with our current situation as I was feeling pretty confused at this point of the discussion and after a pause I was informed tartly that it was just a ‘point’ of conversation. This is the AP trying to turn her own inability to absorb and understand information around and to try and put me in the wrong.  It’s strange that no matter what happens she is never wrong or responsible but in the midst of all this she never forgets when her bank statement is due or when her pension or the rent on her flat goes in the bank.

We are experiencing some more odd mannerisms appearing. I asked the AP on Saturday if she would like to use the summerhouse, if so I would open it up. The response was not a yes or no but would it be ‘suitable’ for us. Why wouldn’t it be? I asked again and this time she did manage a sarcastic ‘yes thank you’, which I managed to ignore. Why the sarcasm? She will frequently ask me if I am using the living room after lunch and if I say no, she will say she’ll spend some time in there. It’s so unnecessary and I have no problem with her being in there. The AP is happy to spend the early part of the evening in there with us so I am not sure what point she is making or even if there is one. In truth, it is all trivia especially when looked at in isolation but we live with it twenty-four/seven and it is wearing us down.

We have non conversations now. It’s a bit like playing a game of verbal consequences. She latches on to something she has watched or heard and then strings sentences together coming out with something that if you didn’t know the facts could sound alright. But most of the time she is just plain wrong. If we manage to fill in the gaps which are many, we can sometimes get a coherent solution. Oh dear indeed!

On the boiler front, our lovely plumber came over on Sunday and sorted it all out. It turned out that a fuse had blown, probably because of all the power surges we have had lately and that in turn had caused the pump to shut down.

The twentieth of September is not far away.




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