Fat people are hard to kidnap.

Well that’s a comfort is it not!

Ok, so now it’s official; I need a new body and as quickly as possible. Having developed a stress related autoimmune condition a year ago I have now been told I am classed as officially Type 2 Diabetic. Only just apparently! Should I be surprised? No, I have been prediabetic for at least two decades and my present state of being trapped has done nothing for me either physically or mentally so this is a real wake up call.

I really do have only myself to blame as the condition is in the family and I have been sensible about controlling it until the last couple of years. I have seen my weight climb steadily as boredom and frustration have taken hold. I have been in a state of self denial and using my situation as an excuse to eat too much of the wrong foods and on many occasions to indulge in too much alcohol.

Just to add to everything I have pulled a muscle in my calf which is painful and debilitating and is another contributing factor to the need for a new body.

At least in the midst of all this the AP seems to have realised her mistake of the previous day and is actually being reasonable and pleasant. Long may that continue although from past experience I won’t hold my breath.


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